From the editor.

Author:Mangual, Rudy

As we enter the last quarter of the year and a cooler season is fast approaching, citizens of the USA are preparing for the November 2008 Presidential Elections. While our policy here at the magazine is to stay bi-partisan on all issues of politics and religion, I simply encourage everyone to exercise their right to be a part of this democratic process, register to vote. There are numerous important matters to decide in these elections, and we need to weigh in on economical, educational, and health options that will impact the future of our families. See you at the voting booth.

In this issue of Latin Beat Magazine we take a look back at the Fania All Stars, one of the most important, most influential and most popular music ensembles in the history of the salsa movement. While Fania Records undoubtedly was the premier record label dedicated to promoting, marketing and producing salsa at an international level, it was its abundance of talented artists under the Fania flagship that solidified the label's legitimacy and earned it respect from the music industry. The creation of the Fania All Stars was the label's final stamp of salsa supremacy and of the powerhouse that was destined to conquer the Latin music world. The Fania All Stars became the super-heroes of the...

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