From the desk of the publisher.

Author:Ferraez, Jorge

We knew David Hayes-Bautista a long time ago and his story and research were impressive since the beginning. We did our first interview with him in 2002 and it was really revealing. I still remember some of the work that would link health issues with the Hispanic community, and the impact of his books still resonates loudly whenever we talk about health and Latinos.

We gave Hayes-Bautista a Maestro Award in 2006, and ever since we have kept in touch because we admire and follow his leadership as an author and researcher at UCLA.

So when it came time to decide whom we should interview for the cover story, we thought of him. But when we interviewed him, it was evident that the piece was for the cover of our "Latinos in Health" edition. His conclusions and ideas are completely ahead of what anybody would think--a great, enlightened mind.

This is our second-ever Health edition. It is not only a great collection of Latinos leading in this industry, but also an excellent snapshot on the "state" of Latino health in the U.S. We spent more than three months researching, consulting and talking to people to be able to put it together. We left many stories unpublished, but we had a lot of great material.

On the other side of this coin, we have another great snapshot that describes the...

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