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Position:Vol. 49, 1 [Page 7]

49 Colo.Law. 7

From Our Readers

Vol. 49, No. 1 [Page 7]

Colorado Lawyer

January, 2020


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Re: Affordable Housing Series, 2019-20, Coordinated by Christopher D. Bryan


Just want to say I very much enjoyed reading about developments in affordable housing, particularly in the Front Range area. As a Colorado Springs attorney frequently dealing with Social Security, I witness firsthand the way homelessness exacerbates every problem these individuals face. These developments are encouraging, and thank you for including this information in December's periodical. [See Pasquini and Munroe, "Building Healthy Communities through Health Care and Affordable Housing Synergies: Front Range Case Studies."]

Andrew Serrone

Associate Attorney, Diane K. Bross P.C.

Re: Hon. Richard T. Spriggs, In Memoriam, Dec. 2019

I write in honor and memory of Judge Richard Spriggs, who died on October 21. On a Monday morning some years ago, he called the cases on his Denver District Court docket. My case was third on the list, so my client and I...

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