From Martin Carus, former DFS Life Bureau Chief.

Position:Letter to the editor

Dear Steve:

Looking over the 3/11/19 issue, I came upon page 27 where Looking Back features the LICONY award to Bill Flynn. Brings back memories. I had just taken over the Life Bureau and Sal Curiale, the Superintendent at the time, lest we forget, called me and asked if I had a tux. I did and we both attended a dinner for Bill Flynn at the 21 Club. We were unaware that after several rounds of drinks and a speech (by video) from Ethel Kennedy, we were supposed to give short speeches. You know Sal and his careful speech preparation; well, he was in a panic. I didn't even know Bill Flynn at the time nor the life CEOs there (sharing their Irish tunes in chorus).

The guy sitting next to me was a Wharton School professor who invented variable annuities or something of the sort. The only thing I could think of to say was a semi-joke, semi-real story at the expense of Wharton (one of my best friends went there). Went over well with audience, but not the professor! I remember a woman going on about being the only woman CEO there. Things have changed.

The Joke: A Wharton history teacher of longstanding constantly bragged about how his students all...

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