From Jim's Desk.

Author:Gondles, James A., Jr.

As we begin the new year of 2020, we begin the celebration of a century and a half of existence of the American Correctional Association. And while we will celebrate throughout the year, let me be the first to say, "Happy Birthday ACA!" We will have more to say in later issues about our rich and varied history.

As we all know, life deals us ups and downs. And while most days are happy days for most of us, there are days that bring us sadness. Since July of 2019, several very active ACA members have passed on and we want to pay our respects to them.

John Braithwaite was a former officer in ACA and a deputy commissioner in the Correctional Service of Canada. He is survived by Lorraine Braithwaite, a wonderful lady that we often saw at ACA meetings. John's dry humor will be missed.

Phyllis Carlson, wife of ACA former president Norm Carlson, was also at every ACA conference. When you saw Norm, you saw Phyllis. We will miss her presence at our conferences.

The same can be said about Dorothy Hughes, wife of former executive committee member Gail Hughes. The two of them enjoyed dancing at E.R. Cass Dinners and we will miss seeing Dorothy showing Gail how to dance!

Bob Brown served on ACA's Executive Committee and is a former Director of Corrections in Michigan. Just like the other spouses I have mentioned, when you saw Bob, you saw Joy. We will miss Bob's great smile at our meetings. His contributions to Michigan and ACA were extensive.


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