Fritz, April Young. Praying at the Sweetwater Motel.

Author:Squicciarini, Stephanie
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

FRITZ, April Young. Praying at the Sweetwater Motel. Hyperion. 266p. c2003.0-78685495-2. $5.99. J

Twelve-year-old Sarah Jane Otis adores the red cowboy boots her daddy gave her They fit perfectly and give her a sense of safety and comfort in what has turned out to be pretty intense place to be--kept safely away from her father and his drinking and abuse. Sarah and her long-abused mother devise a plan to escape, and together with her younger sister they head out on an adventure that sounded good at the time it was being plotted. But Sarah finds herself not only away from her father, but also away from everything she has ever loved and deep in shame for living in the only place her mother could afford--a motel. Picked on at her new school, and with the good changes her mother promised not coming quickly enough, Sarah is torn between love for her father and facing the truth that he is dangerous. She convinces...

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