Friends of Worldwatch.


We extend our gratitude to the thousands of people who recognized the urgency of our work and supported Worldwatch in 2009 to help us reach decision makers and concerned citizens in over 100 countries.


Geeta and Kamesh Aiyer

Tom and Cathy Crain

Jerre and Nancy Hitz

Hitz Foundation

Hunter Lewis

Izaak Van Melle


Ray C. Anderson

Russell Bennett

Casten Family Fund

Del Mar Global Trust

Robert Friese

Caroline Gabel

Dr. Samuel Myers and Kelsey Wirth

F. Peter Seidel

Shared Earth Foundation

Shenandoah Foundation

Steve Silberstein

William Laney Thornton

Douglas Wilson


Edith Borie

David and Jan Blittersdorf

Sam Gary Jr. and Associates, Inc.

Harvey Glasser

Ed and Sara Groark

David Kruis

Kurt Leuthold

Steven Leuthold Family Foundation

Vernon Oi

LEADERSHIP CIRCLE, $1,000-$4,999

Myron and Kay Arms

John Bermingham

John and Mary Anne Boorn

Dwight Collins

Lincoln and Alice Day

Henry Kimball Faulkner

Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC

David Forsberg

Alan French

Hilary French

Leonhard Haaf

Robert and Christine Hammond

Kent Healy

Bruce and Elizabeth Hodge

John Hogan

G. David Hurd

Sudhanshu and Lori Jain

Jens Junghans

Philip Keast

Tako and Henrietta Koning

Marta Jo Lawrence

William Layson

Jeffrey Lipton

David and Mary Ellen Moir

Olivia Motch

Frances Murrell

Paul Myers

Paul and Antje Newhagen

Joel Nigg

George O'Neill

John Osberg

Bob Pettapiece

Rebecca Pott Fitton

William and Eleanor Revelle

Andrew Rice

Wolfgang Scherr

Barry and Jean Schuyler

Contee and Margaret Seely

Shartsis Friese LLP

Robert Shaw

Curt Snyder

Dr. Marian Stuart

Greg and Joyce Studen

John E. and Anna Marie Thron

Nigel Topping

Rosemary Wakeham

Lawrence and Ann Wheat

SUSTAINERS, $500-$999

Ernst Abelin

Adobe Systems Inc.

Charles Anderson

Bill and Becky Bartovics

G. Allen Brooks

Robert Connamacher

Dorothy Cutting

Guy De Herde

David T. Dodge

Leo and Kay Drey

Eaton Kenyon Fund

Sarah Epstein

Susan Friedlander

Gerald Gardner

Mark Griffin

Rolf Habersang

Shirl Handly

Juliane Heyman

Karlee Hilliard

Hilda Jones

Hiroko Kawata

Lisa Kleissner

Karl E. and Holly Haley Knapp

Timothy Leddy

Los Altos Hills Club

Joanne Lyons

Jan Mares

Marianist Province of the United States

MAP Royalty, Inc.

Eric McCallum

Larry and Beth Minear

Allison Pete Palmer

The William Penn Foundation

Bruce Piggot

Stanley Rajnak

F. Bruce and Nancy Roberts

Jonathan and Alice Shinn

John Sillers

Larry and Janet Smarr

Robert and Leslie Speidel

Peter Van Schaick

Bob Vollinger

Kendra Wenzel

Bruce Wilson

ASSOCIATES, $100-$499

Victor Ades

Robert Albritton

Raymond Allan

Edward Allenby

Lorne Almack

Arthur Alter

Clare Amoruso

Joan Amory

Lizzi Andersen

Clifford Anderson

Mary Anna Anderson

Molly Anderson

Judith Andress

Suzanne Antisdel

Alfred Arkley

Albino Aroso

J. Perez Arriaga

Jeff Austin

Joel Aycock

Roberta Badger-Cain

Catherine Badgley

Laird Barber

Jim and Patty Beggs

David Bell

Carl Benson

Harold Bernhardt

Howard Bernstein

Len Beyea

Peter Birkeland

William Black

Brent Blackwelder

Michael Blakeman

Oliver Bock and Deirdre Stegman

Frances Bodell

Jan Boersema

Benoit Bourque

Betsy Thaete Bowie

Carter Brandon

Andrew Bray

Warren Brockelman

Thomas Brown

David Brown

Susan Browne

David Brubaker

Terry Brueck

Larry and Theresa Bucher

Art Campfield

Brian Carl

J. Carlile

Ruth Carr

Frank Catano

Ellen Censky

Bill Chan

Myron Chapman

Mildred Chatterton

Peter Chesson

John Christens

Rich and Charlene Clark

Rosalee Clarke

William and Louise Cleveland

Spencer Clevenger

John Coe

Richard Colby

Thomas Colley

Pat Collier

Douglas Congdon

Jan Crunican

John Davies and Ms. Laurie Bloom

Michael De Pencier

Margaret De Rivera

Eugene Decker

James Dehlsen

Cynthia Del Papa

Paul DeMarco

Thomas DeMarco

Geraldine Derby

Pierre Desjardins

Chris Deverill

Dennis and Rosemary Dewees

Masada Disenhouse

Robert Dodson

Henry Doll

Raymond Dolphin

Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose

Martin Dreyfuss

Margaret Driscoll

Marilyn Murphy DuBois

Benjamin Duke

Robert Duncan

Seth Dunn

Richard Edgar

Anne Ehrlich

Olivia Eielson

Eighth Day Center for Justice

Mohamed El Kholy

Ludger Eltrop

Eldon Enger

Thomas England

Lynn Epstein

Alfredo Esposito

Douglas Estes

Stephen Evanko

Family Mayer Foundation

James Farmer

Susan Faulkner

Thomas Fehsenfeld

Mary Anna Feitler

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Abraham Figueroa

Kerin Flannery

Susan F. Fleming

Carol Foster

Glen Fox

Benjamin and Jennifer Freeman

Barbara French

Tom and Jill French

Denise Frizzell

Chris Frolking

Richard Fuller

Mary Ann Gallagher

Kathleen Gallucci

Richard Gammon

Linda Ganister

Dario Gardin

Tony Gasbarro

Linda Gass

GE Foundation

Louis Geeraerts

Heather Gibbs

Walter Giger

Steven Gilbert

Daniel Gil-Prez

Helen Gjessing

Chris Gladwin

B.H. Go

Emanuel Goldman

Robert Goodland

Google Matching Gift Program

William Graue

Rowan Grayling

Sue Grebel

Pamela Greenaway

Jack Greene

John Griffin

Wendy Gruen

Terry and Jody Grundy

Gregory Hall

John and Clare Hallward

Ray Owen Hamel

Thomas Harding

William Hardy

Lynne Harkins

Paul Harms

Brice Harris

William Harris

Bartlett Harvey

Nancy Hazard

Jordan and Constance Heiman

Thomas Heinemann

Lee Heng

Rob and Lynnae Hentzen

William Hertwig


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