Friends of the Bar, 1220 WYBJ, Vol. 43 No. 6. 62

PositionVol. 43 6 Pg. 62

Friends of the Bar

No. Vol. 43 No. 6 Pg. 62

Wyoming Bar Journal

December, 2020

Kristen Reeves Jones

Bar Number: 7-5203

Law School: George Mason University School of Law

Basic Bio: Kristen is a graduate of Dartmouth College and George Mason University School of Law. As an Air Force spouse, she has lived and practiced law in four states and is now thrilled to call Wyoming her “forever home.” Her broad professional experience includes a judicial clerkship, criminal defense, family law, civil litigation, administrative law, government contracting, and estate planning. From 2013-2014, Kristen worked for the Attorney General’s Office representing the Wyoming Department of Health. She recently moved back to Cheyenne and returned to the Attorney General’s Office in the Criminal Division. Kristen is PresidentElect of the Military Spouse JD Network, a bar association committed to supporting military spouse legal professionals by advocating for licensing accommodations and encouraging the hiring of military spouses. She is also passionate about conservation and sustainability.

I was inspired to become a lawyer after reading a newspaper article at the age of ten describing overcrowded dockets and an underfunded judiciary. It impressed upon me that the world had problems that I could help to solve. (I actually wanted to be a judge, but my parents explained that I had to be a lawyer first.)

The biggest influence on my career is Lorraine Nordlund, the Virginia judge who showed me what it means to succeed as a woman in this profession without losing yourself in the process.

After I leave work, the thing I am most passionate about is my role with the Military Spouse JD Network. For ten years, this group has worked tirelessly to break down the licensing and employment barriers facing qualified military spouse lawyers, and assist with their struggles to maintain a career in the face of frequent moves and the unique demands of military family life.

My best habit is composting, which has become a fun hobby. Yes, there is a worm bin in my kitchen.

I am happy to talk with anyone who is interested in the Military Spouse JD Network and the challenges facing professional military spouses. Email me at

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