Friedman, Aimee. South Beach.

Author:MacGregor, Amanda
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

FRIEDMAN, Aimee. South Beach. Scholastic. 318p. c2005, 0-439-70678-5. $8.99. S

16-year-old Alexa is looking for a little excitement in her life. Tired of her boyfriend Tyler, who she find naive, safe, and entirely too nice, Alexa breaks up with him and cancels their spring break plans. Shocked to find herself now with no place to go for break, she calls up her old best friend Holly. The girls decide to hit South Beach, Florida and try to revive their friendship. Their trip is barely underway before both Alexa and Holly are questioning why they ever thought this was a good idea. With little in common anymore except for the memories of a faded friendship, they must struggle to get along and overcome their differences. When a boy comes between them, they realize they are more alike than they think...

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