Author:Cornelssen, Jan
Position:Product/service evaluation

Friday5s, Online Training, 2007, Fort Hill Company, $140.

Do you know if your staff can apply knowledge and skills directly to job functions after attending a class? When was the last time, after a group completed a training program, that you were able to measure the on-the-job results?

Typically trainees attend programs, walk away, and never give the learning another thought, and the business may not be sure whether it's realized a return on investment. Workplace learning doesn't count unless and until it can be applied! Now a tool can provide the follow-through needed to track and monitor the after-program application of learning.

Friday5s is the name and it doesn't mean what you think. Yes, we can't wait for that clock to reach 5 p.m. on Friday, but this is something different. Friday5s is a web-based application used to monitor post-program learning applied to business results.

The goal of the application is to have learners take five minutes-preferably at the end of the week--and document individual progress against business goals that have been identified upon completion of a training program.

Although the focus of the product is on leadership training programs, it can be beneficial for almost any learning or training event. The key is to get people to apply their learning and actually document their results.

I will say right up front that it is difficult to capture all of the capabilities of this tool. I will identify its key elements and how they can be used to fulfill follow-through actions.

The Friday5s web application doesn't require any additional software or components. It consists of several web portals or modules organized around three key roles: the learner, the group leader or facilitator, and the manager.

Three Roles, Three Views

The Learner portal is where most activity and real return on learning occurs. Each learner is provided with a unique link to his or her login. When they click the link, they will find that their goals have been pre-loaded for them. Learners are asked to take a few minutes over a period of time, usually 3 months, to input their activities for each goal (see screenshot below). Learners are sent scheduled reminders to update their progress so it's easy to stay on track with documenting activities.


The program asks learners simple questions to indicate their progress on a particular goal. In addition, they can share experiences with their peers and learn from others with similar...

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