A Fresh Start: Sales Tax on Services, Tax Conformity Key in 2019.

Author:Fox, Jason
Position:Capitol Beat

The 2018-19 legislative session began as a brief organizational session on Dec. 3. but the real work begins in earnest when the Legislature reconvenes Jan. 7. As the First year of a new two-year session, 2019 will bring a new class of legislators and fresh slate of legislation that will cover a host of issues.

The group of legislators for 2019 will include 13 individuals new to the Legislature, and four former assembly members who have moved down the hall and are now serving in the state Senate. Legislators will have until the end of February to formally introduce legislation for discussion and action. Legislative policy committees will then hold hearings to review and take action on legislation throughout the spring.

In addition to a new legislative session and Legislature, possibly the biggest change 2019 will bring is a new governor. Gavin Newsom will be sworn in as governor on Jan. 7. While Newsom and Gov. Jerry-Brown share the same party affiliation and overarching policy viewpoints, most expect Xewsom's administration to be markedly different than Brown's. How different and what those differences will be are still unknown, but will be something that is watched closely by Sacramento insiders.

A key part of those changes will be how Newsom's administration takes shape. Anytime there is a change in administrations, not only does the leadership at the top change, but also a number of influential executive positions throughout the administration and the various departments and agencies that fall under the governor's purview. These hires and appointments will be integral to what policies are pursued and implemented.

This time of year is always a good reminder of the importance of advocacy, particularly for the CPA profession and its clients, which can be significantly impacted by legislative and administrative actions.

CalCPA will be leveraging the excellent reputation and expertise of its members to provide a platform to connect new and returning policy leaders with CPA leaders who can serve as an objective resource for positive policy outcomes.

Dynamex: Definition of Independent Contractor

A policy area that has emerged as an early topic in the Legislature relates to a 2018 California Supreme Court decision related to how an independent contractor is defined.

The so-called Dynamex case [Dynamex Operations West. Inc. v. Superior Court of Los Angeles, No. S222732 (April 30, 2018)] abandoned the long-standing "Borello" test of determining...

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