Freeman Holdings Group.

PositionINDUSTRY MEMBERS--Chairman's Circle PLUS

Freeman Holdings Group

16221 Foster Street, Overland Park, KS 66085 913-951-5600 *

Chris Freeman, Owner

Scott Freeman, CEO *

MG Carl Ernst, USA (Ret.), COO *

Mike Meurer, CPA, CFO * 913-951-5634 *

COL Charlie Elliott, USA (Ret.), Director Military Operations * 318-366-7070 *

CSM Steve Mohror, USA (Ret.), GM, Million Air Victorville CA (KVCV) * 760-246-7794 *

COL Joe Torres, USA (Ret.), GM, Freeman Jet Center, Lake Charles LA (KLCH) * 337-436-7722 *

COL Joe Torres, USA (Ret.), GM, Million Air Lake Charles LA (KCWF) * 337-436-4877 *

LT Joe Keith, USN (Ret.), GM, Million Air Medford OR (KMFR) * 541 -842-2254 *

Larry Godden, GM, Million Air Moses Lake WA (KMWH) * 877-762-0222 *

CAPT Greg Smith, USN (Ret.), GM, Million Air Orlando FL (KSFB) * 407-585-6300 *

MGySgt Barry Schmelter, USMC (Ret.), GM, Million Air Riverside CA (KRIV) * 951-247-2111 *

MSgt Steve Ingerick, USAF (Ret.), GM, Million Air Rome NY (KRME) * 800-400-1509 *

Maj David Turner, USMC (Ret.), GM, Million Air Stennis MS (KHSA) * 228-463-2389 *

1SG Tommy Kimmes, USA (Ret.), GM, Million Air Syracuse NY (KSYR) * 315-937-5770 *

COL Walt Frederick, USA (Ret.), GM, Million Air Topeka KS (KFOE) * 877-886-7352 *

CSM Jessie Harris, USA (Ret.), GM, Million Air Alexandria LA (KAEX) * 800-285-8695 *

Maj James Combs, USMC (Ret.), GM, Million Air Yuma AZ (KNYL) * 928-247-9571 *

Freeman Holdings Group is primarily a group of privately held FBOs located at thirteen airports across the United States. The FBOs are full-service facilities with a special focus on military operations and, uniquely capable of handling cargo and baggage. We treat military and civilian flights as...

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