Fredericks, Mariah. Crunch Time.

Author:Rosser, Claire
Position:Young Adult Review - Book Review

FREDERICKS, Mariah. Crunch time. Simon & Schuster, Atheneum. 317p. c2006. 0-689-863938X. $15.95. JS

Junior year, competitive schools, SATs, and a guidance counselor's power plays: these all adds up to crunch time, as any high school student knows. The four students Fredericks creates for her readers are each complex individuals, evading stereotypes. They share a rebellion (for various reasons) against the costly SAT prep course, and form a study group of their own. Fredericks returns to the milieu she does so well, the NYC private school, and she tells the story in the four voices of her main characters: Jane, Leo, Daisy and Max. Daisy and Max are already good friends, and Max has a crush on Daisy, but she gets interested in Leo as time goes on. Leo is selfishly ambitious and has a drinking problem. He is highly competitive with Max, but true to high school standards, Max suffers in comparison because he is short and not so handsome. Then there is Jane, a different sort of heroine, and the strangest. Her mother is a famous movie star, and Jane shares her mother's glamorous looks, but she is friendless and lonely. She is the character who...

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