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Fraud and Forensics: Piercing Through the Deception in a Commercial Fraud Case is a collaborative project written by 25 authors, who include lawyers, accountants, investigators and a judge. It is to them that the greatest acknowledgment is due, as they each dedicated a substantial amount of time and resources to write chapters on their areas of expertise. Those authors are David R. Bell, Jeffrey E. Brandlin, Michael E. Brodsky, Rebecca Callahan, Elaine Carey, Melissa Davis, Anthony DeSantis, James S. Feltman, S. Gregory Hays, Marion A. Hecht, Katya Hirose, Soneet R. Kapila, Melissa Kibler Knoll, Garret L. Martucci, Mark Michels, Kenneth Dante Murena, Jonathan Nash, Linda L. Northrup, Justin F. Paget, Kathy Bazoian Phelps, Retired Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes, Michael P. Richman, Maryellen K. Sebold, Judith K. Spry and Michael N. Zembillas.

This book was the brainchild of my predecessor, Michael Goldman, who was the previous Special Projects Director of ABI's Commercial Fraud Committee. He had the vision to conceive of a book dedicated to forensic accounting issues arising in a commercial fraud setting. Thank you, Michael, for coming up with the idea.

The co-chairs of the Commercial Fraud Committee who have spanned the length of time the book has taken from inception to conclusion must also be recognized for their enthusiasm and support of the project. Richard S. Lauter and Bankruptcy Judge Bruce Harwood endorsed the project and were of great assistance in getting the book off the ground, locating authors and shaping the content. Rich Lauter and Marion Hecht then carried the ball through the thick of the writing and editing process. Marion, now my co-chair on the committee, has been of...

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