FranPAC report card: supporting federal candidates: the International Franchise Association's current financial support to candidates for federal office as of mid-December is reflected in the following "report card.".

AuthorAdams, Victoria

IFA's political action committee, FranPAC, supports pro-franchise, pro-business candidates for U.S. Congress.

FranPAC Supported Candidates US. Senate Alexander, Lamar (R-Tenn.) $1,500 [check] Barrasso, John (R-Wyo.) $3,500 [check] Baucus, Max (D-Mont.) $5,000 [check] Burr, Richard (R-N.C.) $1,000 [check] Chambliss, Saxby (R-Ga.) $10,000 [check] Coleman, Norm (R-Minn.) $15,000 [check] Collins, Susan (R-Maine) $10,000 [check] Corker, Robert (R-Tenn.) $1,000 [check] Cornyn, John (R-Texas) $10,000 [check] DeMint, James (R-S.C.) $3,000 [check] Dale, Elizabeth (R-N.C.) $5,000 [check] Domenici, Pete (R-N.M.) $2,000 [check] Enzi, Michael (R-Wyo.) $5,000 [check] Johanns, Michael (R-Neb.) $7,000 [check] McConnell, Mitch (R-KY.) $10,000 [check] Murkowski, Lisa (R-Alaska) $1,000 [check] Pearce, Steve (R-N.M.) $5,000 [check] Pryor, Mark (D-Ark.) $2,000 [check] Reid, Harry (D-Nev.) $1,000 [check] Risch, James (R-Idaho) $2,000 [check] Roberts, Pat (R-Kan.) $8,000 [check] Schaffer, Robert (R-Colo.) $10,000 [check] Smith, Gordon (R-Ore.) $5,000 [check] Specter, Arlen (R-Pa.) $1,000 [check] Stevens, Ted (R-Alaska) $2,000 [check] Sununu, John (R-N.H.) $10,000 [check] Warner, Mark (D-Md.) $1,000 [check] Wicker, Roger (R-Miss.) $7,500 [check] U.S. House of Representatives Austria, Steve (R-Ohio-07) $2,000 [check] Bachmann, Michele (R-Minn.-06) $3,000 [check] Bean, Melissa (D-Ill.-08) $2,000 [check] Blackburn, Marsha (R-Tenn.-07) $2,000 [check] Blunt, Roy (R-Mo.-07) $4,000 [check] Boehner,John (R-Ohio-08) $10,000 [check] Boozman, John (R-Ark.-03) $3,000 [check] Boren, Dan (D-Okla.-02) $7,500 [check] Boucher, Rick (D-Va.-09) $2,000 [check] Boustany, Charles (R-La.-07) $1,000 [check] Boyd, E Allen (D-Fla.-02) $2,000 [check] Bradley, Jeb (R-N.H.-01) $2,000 [check] Bright, Bobby (D-Ala.-02) $1,000 [check] Buchanan, Vernon (R-Fla.-13) $8,500 [check] Camp, David (R-Mich.-04) $1,000 [check] Cannon, Christopher (R-Utah-03) $6,000 [check] Cantor, Eric (R-Va.-01) $5,000 [check] Capito, Shelley (R-W.Va.-02) $1,000 [check] Chabot, Steve (R-Ohio-01) $7,500 [check] Chaffetz, Jason (R-Utah-03) $1,000 [check] Coble, Howard (R-N.C.-06) $1,000 [check] Coffman, Mike (R-Colo.-06) $1,000 [check] Davis, Artur (D-Ala.-07) $3,000 [check] Davis, David (R Tenn.-01) $2,000 [check] Davis, Greg (R-Miss.-01) $1,000 [check] Davis, Thomas (R-Va.-11) $1,000 [check] Dent, Charlie (R-Pa.-15) $1,000 [check] Diaz-Balart, Lincoln (R-Fla.-21) $2,000 [check] Diaz-Balart, Mario (R-Fla.-25) $1,000...

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