Franek, Robert, et al. The best Northeastern colleges: 135 great schools to consider; The best 351 colleges. 2004 ed.; & Complete book of colleges. 2004 ed.

Author:Rohrlick, Paula
Position::Young Adult Review - Book Review - Brief Article

Random House, The Princeton Review. 390p. c2003.0-375-76334-1. $14.95. S

Franek, Robert, with Tom Meltzer, et al. The best 351 colleges. 2004 ed. Random House, The Princeton Review. 774p. indexes, c2003.0-375-76337-6. $21.95. S The Staff of The Princeton Review. Complete book of colleges. 2004 ed. Random House, The Princeton Review. 1374p. indexes, c2003.0-375-76339-2. $26.95. S Students shopping for colleges have long relied on The Princeton Review's publications. The Complete Book of Colleges lists 1.669 colleges and universities, providing facts and figures on students and faculty. academics, facilities, extracurriculars, admissions, and costs and financial aid. The "Admission Wizard" section at the front helps readers identify schools that fit certain criteria: selectivity, region, cost, size. and environment. There is also a section of extended listings from several hundred colleges (who have paid for the privilege). supplying additional details on their academic programs, student bodies, campus life, and more.

The Best 351 Colleges (up from 345 last year!) provides two-page spreads on each school and rates them in terms of campus life, academics, selectivity, and financial facts, with tips on getting in. It also includes frank and revealing quotes from students attending these institutions: e.g., one student notes, "It's true what they say about Tufts; the school is filled with bitter Ivy League rejects"; another points out, "It's cool to be smart and...

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