FRANCISCO CAPETILLO comes from a family of lawyers. His paternal grandfather, his uncle and his father were all lawyers graduated from the best law school in Mexico. However, his interest in law did not come until his last year of high school. He took a class called "Introduction to the Study of Law". In 1993, he graduated with a bachelor's degree in law from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. After graduating, Francisco found an opportunity and worked for Olivares & Cia, one of the best law firm specializing in Intellectual Property in Mexico. Francisco learned so much within the three years he was part of the team. He then became a junior partner for Arochi & Lindner, one of the largest and newest firms in Mexico also specializing in Intellectual Property. He then worked as Partner for ten years in a boutique firm specializing in Corporate and Intellectual Property. In this firm, he had the opportunity to work with big clients in the automotive industry. On November 1, 2016, he partnered with IBERBRAND, a young, innovative Mexican firm with a lot of drive. Here he found some of the best lawyers and partners, as well as the tools, resources...

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