Franchisees can build their local networks via blogging: blogging offers franchisees a meaningful way to engage their respective audiences and provides a destination that can replace a static Web page.

Author:Kur, Carol

Of the many hats most franchisees wear, blogger may just be a crowning choice. To recommend yet another hat, it would be advantageous to know how that new lid will cover the interests and goals of your busy brand emissaries. Blogging can offer franchise owners a plethora of benefits. Everyone knows that a hat can offer practical protection, and the same is true of blogging. Franchisees can don a captain's cap and take charge of their respective messaging in a sea of competition and communications. Hats also make outstanding accessories to help one stand out in a crowd, which is a definite benefit for franchisees looking to create buzz while validating their clients. Dealing with unmanageable hair is another reason to wear a hat, and bloggers can take charge of presenting and managing a positive image in the blogosphere.

Imagine franchisees as community managers of the territories they serve. They establish themselves as local experts, offer tips and advice, share ideas and information, while posting customer interviews, success stories and more. Empowered to communicate and build a community, franchisees can embrace a role that further sets them in the driver's seat for building their respective businesses. Setting up individual franchise blogs casts franchisees in this intriguing role. Blogging offers franchisees a meaningful way to engage their respective audiences and provides a destination that can replace a!static Web page, ultimately boosting the brand as a whole. Connectivity can abound, as franchisees create their own locally relevant content on a blog that connects to their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Why blog? According to, approximately 240 million Americans use the Internet (as of June 2010), with more than one-half of those using such social media as Facebook. Most of us know these numbers are growing exponentially. Increasingly, consumers are looking for information, services and connectivity based upon interests and values. Anyone can blog.

Blog Framework and Training

For franchisors, taking a lead role in blog development and implementation can set the stage for success. By establishing blogs on the corporate domain, the franchisor maintains control so that brand image remains consistent. While franchises can take advantage of free blogging resources online, the focus of this article is on blogging under the protected space of a corporate Internet. In these cases, the franchisor typically bears the...

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