Franchise Relations and Public Affairs.

Author:Cresanti, Robert

There are many things people automatically think of when they hear "franchise relations." Here at IFA, we think of connections and commitment. Being connected to a wide network of franchisors, franchisees, mentors, and customers that directly interact with your franchise is crucial. By establishing a strong and trusting relationship with any, and ultimately all, of those parties, you are creating a platform of trust and resources. People want to know that they are working in an environment that is both professional and positive. People also want to know that everyone on their team is there to help their franchise win, and any losses their brand may go through are ones that their team will go through and rise up from together.

As you know, the relationship of a franchisor and franchisee is extremely important. Being able to have a constantly open dialogue between the two parties is key. This is how ideas, concerns and actions can be taken into consideration and then be executed in ways that work best for the individual and the franchise. If a franchisee has a mentor that can help guide them through what their business looks like and what it may...

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