Framing Euthanasia.

Author:Bishop, J.P.

32 LAW, ETHICS & MED. 225 (Apr. 2006).

The claim that VAE/PAS can be controlled and in controlling it nothing really changes in the practice of medicine is a lie. By ensconcing VAE/PAS in law in order to protect physicians, medicine will operationalize death, putting in systems of efficient control. First, as indicated in part one, the physician will manage procedural efficiency of the social apparatus because the physician will be the one to define the capacity and competency of the patient to make a decision about death. Second, the physician is the one with the expertise to act as the final instrumental/efficient cause of death. Thus, the physician ensures that the prime directive of efficiency is met. The efficiency paradigm will take over, placing patients on a conveyor belt toward their deaths, resulting in no hope for transcending death through meaningful interactions with family, friends, and even with the physician. Once the physician herself becomes the efficient instrument of death--a cog in the efficient system toward death--too much is lost for all patients.

Once VAE/PAS is ensconced in law, the pressures will begin even before the doctor enters the room. For once the question of a person's life is framed by the option of legally ending it, it changes...

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