A Forty Year Journey in Corrections.

Position:Book review

Robert Hannigan; A FORTY YEAR JOURNEY IN CORRECTIONS; Booksurge Publishing (Autobiography/Memoir) $27.99 ISBN: 141969474

Television shows like Prison Break and movies like The Shawshank Redemption portray a skewed version of what goes on behind the walls of a prison. Robert D. Hannigan sets the record straight with his memoir A Forty Year Journey in Corrections. Here he offers anecdotes history lessons moral conundrums and a hearty dose of real life experience to counteract the Hollywood interpretation so many of us rely on.

Hannigan began his career as a guard working the night shift at Kansas State Industrial Reformatory. Though inmates threw glass jars and bars of soap at him on his first night he soon earns their respect by refusing to be frightened away. Perhaps his training as a marine helped him stay so strong in the face of burly convicts. Over the next few decades Hannigan honorably climbs the promotional ladder all the way to warden witnessing events that are sad bizarre funny horrific and all degrees in between.

Most of the chapters are written in a friendly conversational tone that is pleasant to read even when the subject matter involves deceit and danger. For instance the story about an unfortunate incident during which a new vehicle an International Travel-All ends up deep in a reservoir begins like this: It must have been close to midnight when my telephone rang one night back in 1971. Now over the years I had gotten a lot of calls late at night but this one would be different. The voice on the line...

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