Forty-fourth selected bibliography on computers, technology, and the law.

Position:Jan.-Dec. 2012 - 4. Issues of Privacy, Security, and Crime 4.3 Crime through 9. Legal Issues of the Internet 9.4 Online Communities 9.4.0 General, p. 349-383 - Bibliography

4.3 Crime

4.3.0 General

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4.3.1 Internet

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    5.0 General

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    5.1 Legal Education

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    6.0 General

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    6.1 Electronic Commerce

    6.1.0 General

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    6.1.1 Taxation

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    6.2 Computers in Banking and Finance

    6.2.0 General

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    6.2.1 On-line Securities Trading

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    6.5 Computers and Technology in Advertising

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