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(January 2016 through December 2016)


Each year, the Journal provides a compilation of the most important and timely articles on computers, technology, and the law. The Bibliography, indexed by subject matter, is designed to be a research guide to assist our readers in searching for recent articles on computer and technology law. This year's annual Bibliography contains nearly 1000 articles, found through the examination of over 1000 periodicals.

The Bibliography aims to include topics on every legal aspect of computers and technology. However, as new issues in this field emerge, we welcome your suggestions for additional topics and sources, as well as your commentary on the Bibliography.



    1.0 General

    Rob Atkinson, Technology May Disrupt Occupations, but It Won't Kill Jobs, 139 MONTHLY LAB. REV. 1 (Feb. 2016).

    Thomas D. Barton, Re-Designing Law and Lawyering for the Information Age, 30 NOTRE DAME J.L. ETHICS & PUB. POL'Y 1 (2016).

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    1.1 Computerized Legal Research 1.1.0 General

    Raymond H. Brescia, What We Know and Need to Know about Disruptive Innovation, 67 S. C. L. REV. 203 (2016).

    Vanessa S. Browne-Barbour, Why Can't We Be Friends: Ethical Concerns in the Use of Social Media, 57 S. Tex. L. REV. 551 (2016).

    Andrea Charlow, Future Publication Platform: The Future of Law Review Platforms, 32 TOURO L. REV. 259 (2016).

    Aaron Goodman, Predictive Coding a Better Way to Deal with Electronically Stored Information, 53 LITIGATION 23 (2016).

    Reginald A. Hirsch, Privacy Rights in a Public Society: Protecting Your Client and Yourself from Invasions of Privacy, 57 S. TEX. L. REV. 579 (2016).

    Stephanie Kimbro, What We Know and Need to Know about Gamification and Online Engagement, 67 S. C. L. REV. 345 (2016).

    Donald J. Kochan, Future Publication Platform: Virtual Liquid Networks and Other Guiding Principles for Optimizing Future Student-Edited Law Review Platforms, 32 TOURO L. REV. 263 (2016).

    Paige E. Kohn, How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing the Legal Practice, 43 LITIGATION 1 (2016).

    Steven J. Mulroy, Future Publication Platform: The Paperless Chase, 32 TOURO L. REV. 253 (2016).

    Katharine T. Schaffzin, Future Publication Platform: The Future of Law Reviews: Online-Only Journals, 32 TOURO L. REV. 243 (2016).

    1.1.1 Online Legal Research

    Ray Worthy Campbell, A Comparative Look at Lawyer Professionalism: Contrasting Search Engine Optimization, Lawyering, & Law Teaching, 50 U.S.F. L. REV. 401(2016).

    Peter W. Martin, Possible Futures for the Legal Treatise in an Environment of Wikis, Blogs, and Myriad Online Primary Law Sources, 108 LAW LIBRARY J. 1 (2016).

    Wilhelmina Randtke & Stacy Fowler, The Current State of E-Books in U.S. Law Libraries: A Survey, 108 LAW LIBRARY J. 362 (2016).

    1.2 Law Office Management

    1.2.0 General

    Jim Calloway & Ernie Svenson, Essential Practices for Your Paperless Office, 41 MONT. LAW. 21 (2016).

    Mark J. Fucile,Discretion Is the Better Part of Valor: Rebutting Negative Online Client Reviews, 2016 DEF. COUNS. J. 84 (2016).

    Molly Gilligan, Avoiding Terrible Technology Days, 31 ME. B.J. 54 (Spring 2016).

    Kenneth A. Grady, Don't Start Recruiting Computers as Associates Just Yet, 8 LANDSLIDE 5 (May/June 2016).

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    Jason E. Havens, Note,Technology-Probate, 30 PROB. & PROP. 47 (November/December 2016).

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    Gerald J. Hoenig, Technology-Probate [notes], 30 PROB. & PROP. 51 (May/June 2016).

    Lisa R. Lifshitz, CASL--How to Send E-Mails to Canadians Safely, 2016 Bus. L. TODAY 1 (2016).

    Paul J. Masinter & Bryant S. York, Game of Twitter - Social Media and Its Impact on the Practice of Litigation, 2016 BUS. L. TODAY 1,4(2016).

    Annie Mentkowski, Law Firm Marketing in the Age of Social Media: A Toolbox for Attorneys, 36 N. III. U. L. REV. 1, 27 (2016).

    Jeff Richardson, Review: Scanner Pro 7 by Readdle: The Best Way to Scan Documents Using an iPhone, 42 SAN FRANCISCO ATT'Y 64 (Summer 2016).

    Karen E. Sandrik, Innovative Contracting for Better Material Transfers, 24 TEX. INTELL. PROP. L.J. 49 (2016).

    1.2.1 Office Automation

    Timothy L. Fort, Anjanette H. Raymond, & Scott J. Shackelford, Angel on Your Shoulder: Prompting Employees to Do the Right Thing through the Use of Wearables, 14 Nw. J. TECH. & INTELL. PROP. 139 (2016).

    Brian Knavish, Upgraded Video Conferencing System Simplifies Meeting With Out-of-Town Clients, Witnesses, 18 LAWS J. 5 (2016).

    1.2.2 Case Management

    Michael H. R. Buckles, Michigan's E-Filing Law: A Model Act, 95 MICH. B.J. 32 (Sept. 2016).

    Lori A. Buiteweg, Practicing Law in the Information Age: What's in Store for Michigan Attorneys in the Face of Statewide E-Filing (andBeyond)?, 95 MICH. B.J. 14 (June 2016).

    Mark McCreary, Views from the Data Security Front Line, 42 L. PRAC. 58 (2016).

    Mary Vandenack, To Cloud or Not to Cloud, 42 L. PRAC. 41 (2016).

    1.2.3 Case File Security

    Karen M. Kroll, Cyber Coverage, 102 A.B.A. J. 31 (2016).

    Nathan Powell, Note, Electronic Ethics: Lawyers' Ethical Obligations in a Cyber Practice, 29 GEO. J. LEGAL ETHICS 1237 (2016).

    Gregory R. Steele, Note, You've Got Legal Mail: Applying Constitutional Protections to Attorney-Inmate E-mail Communications, 50 GA. L. REV. 947 (2016).

    1.2.4 Internet Access

    Anthony Biondo, Note, Confidentiality and Attorney-Client Privilege in the Internet Age: How to Handle Employer Monitoring of Employee Email, 90 ST. JOHN'S L. REV. 441 (Spring 2016).

    Roberta M. Gubbins, Need an Online Presence?: The SBM Has You Covered, 95 MICH. B.J. 28 (Oct. 2016).

    Joseph P. Gryzio, Note, A Balancing Act: Fourth Amendment Protections and the Reasonable Scope of Government Investigatory Access to E-mail Accounts, 90 ST. JOHN'S L. REV. 495 (Summer 2016).

    1.3 Selected Uses in the Law Practice

    1.3.0 General

    Craig Ball, What Every Lawyer Should Know about E-Discovery, 42 LAWPRAC. 54 (2016).

    Tom Bolt, Tomorrow's Law Practice: Using Technology to Build Bridges Perspectives, 42 LAW PRAC. 8 (2016).

    Robert W. Gomulkiewicz, Reasons for Counseling Reasonableness in Deploying Covenants-Not-to-Compete in Technology Firms, 20 LEWIS& CLARK U. REV. 477 (2016).

    Marcus Guido, The Top 25 Social Media Analytics Tools, 95 MICH. B.J. 52 (Sept. 2016).

    Edith Guilhermont, Contribution Des Blogues Juridiques A La Critique Et Aux Transformations Du Droit, 62 McGlLL L.J. 157 (2016).

    Shawndra Jones& Gail Gottehrer, Using Technology in the Hiring Process- Should Employers "Like " Social Media?, NAT'L B. ASS'N. MAG., July 2016.

    Aastha Madaan, Cultural Competency and the Practice of Law in the 21st Century, 30 PROB. & PROP.29 (March/April 2016).

    Sharon D. Nelson& John W. Simek, Feature: Technology: How will Watson's Children Impact the Future of Law Practice?, 59 RES GESTAE 34 (April 2016).

    Sharon D. Nelson& John W. Simek, Book Review: The Future of The Professions: How Technology Will Transform the Work of Human Experts, 59RES GESTAE 40 (May 2016).

    Antigone Peyton, A Litigator's Guide to the Internet of Things, 22 RICH. J.L. & TECH.9 (2016).

    Patricia Sallen, Technology Competence: New Wine in an Old Ethical Bottle, 42 L. PRAC. 35 (2016).

    1.3.1 Tax Filing

    1.3.2 Bankruptcy

    1.3.3 Estate Planning

    Matthew W. Costello, Note, The "PEAC" of Digital Estate Legislation in the United States: Should States "Like" That?, 49 SUFFOLK U. L. REV. 429 (2016).

    Alyssa A. DiRusso, Turn-Key T&E: Building a Trusts and Estates Practice,!^ QUINNIPIAC PROB. L.J. 126 (2016)

    Richard Martin & Shannon Noya Nairn, Estate Planning Guidance for the Protection of Digital Assets, L.A. LAW.Oct. 2016.

    1.3.4 Real Estate

    Sharon D. Nelson& John W. Simek, When You Die, Will Your Digital Assets Go to Hell? 60RES GESTAE 34 (September 2016).

    1.3.5 Advertising

    Roberta M. Gubbins, Is One...

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