Fortunate Son.

Author:Hill, Christopher Jack
Position:Brief article - Book review

* Fortunate Son by Walter Mosley Little, Brown and Company, April 2006 $23.95, ISBN 0-316-11471-5

Walter Mosley may be considered one of the greatest prose writers of all time. Most people in the literary world and readers in general fell in love with his work while perusing his debut Easy Rawlins mystery novel, Devil in a Blue Dress.

In Fortunate Son, the author's 24th book, we see a different style, unlike that in his addictive collection of mystery novels, though readers will still get a taste of the powerful, insanely rhythmic voice that made him a literary rock star. Mosley has the ability to combine clear and concise dialogue with a powerful narrative, leaving readers with an unquenchable thirst to read all 313 pages of his latest book.

Mosley's polished voice pushes readers to connect with the two main protagonists, Eric and Tommy. The boys are from entirely different...

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