Foreword from the ABA Forum on Franchising Chair

AuthorKaren Satterlee
Foreword from the ABA
Forum on Franchising Chair
The ABA Forum on Franchising is proud to have partnered once again with
the ABA Intellectual Property Law Section to produce the second edition of
The Intellectual Property Handbook: A Practical Guide for Franchise, Business
and IP Counsel Practitioners. I have vivid memories of attending the inten-
sive session during the Forum’s annual meeting in Boston where the first
edition of this publication was used as the textbook for the course. Since
that time this monograph has served as my primary source of all informa-
tion related to intellectual property issues. This new edition is well timed
to serve as an invaluable resource for a new generation of franchise and
intellectual property attorneys.
This book would not have been possible without the hard work and
dedication of our two coeditors, Chris Bussert and Jim Sims. Chris and
Jim’s dedication to this project made the release of this monolith possible
and in record time. We also recognize the dedicated efforts of the chapter
authors: Chapter 1: “Trademarks—United States” by Christopher P. Bussert
and Sherin Sakr; Chapter 2: “Trademarks—International” by Ann K. Ford;
Chapter 3: “Domain Names and Trademarks on the Internet” by Jonathan S.
Jennings; Chapter 4: “Copyrights” by Susan Upton Douglass; Chapter 5:
“Patents” by Craig Madson, Laura Burson, and Martin Bader; Chapter 6:
“Trade Secrets” by Henry Su and Mike Lockerby; and Chapter 7: “Technol-
ogy: The New Frontier in Intellectual Property” by Michael Lindsey.
I would also like to thank Jim Goniea for his tireless efforts as the pub-
lications officer for the Forum, both for his management of the develop-
ment of this and several other books that will benefit the membership of
the Forum and for ensuring the Forum’s pipeline for publications remains
robust for years to come. I would also like to issue a special thank-you to
Paul Jones for his many years of service on the Forum’s Publications Com-
mittee and for managing the Forum’s book sales at each annual meeting
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