Foreword from ABA-IPL Section Chair

AuthorTheodore H. Davis, Jr.
Foreword from ABA-IPL
Section Chair
Since 1894, the ABA Section of Intellectual Property Law (ABA-IPL) has con-
tributed significantly to the protection of intellectual property in the United
States and elsewhere. With approximately 20,000 members, the Section is
the largest organization of intellectual property lawyers in the world.
Together with the ABA Forum on Franchising, ABA-IPL is pleased to
offer this second edition of The Intellectual Property Handbook: A Practi-
cal Guide for Franchise, Business, and IP Counsel. This treatise represents
another successful collaborative effort between the Forum and the Section,
and we hope readers will agree it is a valuable resource for the attorneys
identified in the treatise’s subtitle, as well as for anyone with an interest in
domestic and international intellectual property. I would especially like to
thank the two editors, Chris Bussert (one of my partners) and Jim Sims, for
all of their time and effort spent bringing the Handbook to fruition. In addi-
tion, I want to extend my thanks and appreciation to the authors: Martin
Bader, Laura Burson, Chris (who also served as a coauthor), Susan Upton
Douglass, Ann Ford, Jonathan Jennings, Mike Lindsey, Mike Lockerby,
Craig Madson, Sherin Sakr, and Henry Su. The ABA-IPL also acknowledges
the coordinating role played by Mark Dickson, chair of its Content Advi-
sory Board, as well as those of Stephen Gillen, chair of its Books Edito-
rial Board; Barbara Grahn, vice chair of its Content Advisory Board and
Books Editorial Board; and Amy Mandel, its Director of Communications
and Publications.
On behalf of ABA-IPL, I am proud of the Section’s relationship with the
Forum on Franchising, as well as its continued involvement in this import-
ant project. In maintaining and updating this unique work, we hope you
will appreciate its new edition of The Intellectual Property Handbook for the
valuable strategic resource it is.
Theodore H. Davis, Jr.
Chair, American Bar Association Section of Intellectual Property Law
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