The Antitrust Section is pleased to present the second edition of Model
Jury Instructions in Civil Antitrust Cases. The first edition of the Model
Jury Instructions, published in 2005, built on the Section’s Sample Jury
Instructions, which were first published in 1987 and updated in 1999.
Model Jury Instructions differed from earlier civil jury instructions
handbooks in that it sought to present to the greatest extent possible
instructions that reflected the law as established by the Supreme Court and
the Courts of Appeal. As with the first edition of Model Jury Instructions,
this second edition includes explanatory notes and references to the
supporting case law.
Model Jury Instructions proved to be extremely popular and useful.
The Section’s decision to publish a second edition of Model Jury
Instructions reflects our view that practicing lawyers and judges continue
to want jury instructions that reflect settled law to the greatest extent
possible. But they also want instructions that reflect the most balanced
views of existing law and in language that jurors will understand. We
believe this handbook accomplishes these essential purposes, and
encourage trial lawyers to continue this work to seek balance and clear
instructions in the context of their individual cases. The Section and
antitrust practitioners generally owe deep gratitude to Roberta D.
Liebenberg and Rob Walters and other members of the Trial Practice
Committee for their enormous efforts in preparing this new edition.
June 2016 Roxann E. Henry
Chair, Section of Antitrust Law
American Bar Association

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