The Section of Antitrust Law is pleased to present the second edition
of the Market Power Handbook, a comprehensive review of the market
power issues that arise in antitrust analysis. The goal of the Handbook is
to address market power from both a legal and an economic standpoint; it
is designed to serve as a nontechnical resource rather than an economic
text. Nonetheless, the Handbook provides an introduction to and
summary of the economic concepts that are critical to an understanding
of market power.
The Section is indebted to the many attorneys and economists who
contributed to this Handbook. In particular, the Section’s Economics
Committee devoted a great deal of time and attention to this project. We
are especially grateful to Mary Coleman and Bruce Hoffman, who
coordinated the drafting and editing of the Handbook; and to Edwin
Fountain, who edited the Handbook for publication.
March 2012 Richard M. Steuer
Chair, Section of Antitrust Law
American Bar Association

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