On behalf of the ABA Antitrust Law Section, I am pleased to
announce the publication of the third edition of Joint Ventures: Antitrust
Analysis of Collaborations Among Competitors, which addresses the
antitrust issues facing joint ventures and other competitor collaborations
under U.S. law. This edition of Joint Ventures updates the discussion of
case law from the previous edition, offers practical advice to companies
that participate in or are considering participating in competitor
collaborations, and expands the analysis of legal issues confronting joint
ventures or competitor collaborations that implicate certain jurisdictions
outside of the United States.
The Section would like to offer its deepest and sincerest thanks to the
many lawyers and other professionals who contributed to the publication
of this book, particularly the Joint Conduct Committee and the Books &
Treatises Committee. I would like to extend my special thanks to Sarretta
McDonough, who served as the primary editor for this handbook, and
Craig Minerva and Leo Caseria from the Books & Treatises Committee,
for their leadership and diligent work to usher this work through to
Gary P. Zanfagna
Chair, Antitrust Law Section
American Bar Association
September 2020

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