The Section of Antitrust Law of the American Bar Association
presents the Antitrust and Associations Handbook. This Handbook
updates and expands substantially t he Section’s antitrust practice guide,
published in 1996, entitled Antitrust & Trade Associations: How Trade
Regulation Laws Apply to Trade and Professional Associations. This
Handbook is designed to serve as a general and accessible guide to the
application of U.S. federal and state antitrust laws to the activities of
trade and professional associations. It does not address enforcement
regimes or potential issues arising under the competition laws of other
jurisdictions. The Handbook begins with a discussion of basic antitrust
principles and the system of public and private remedies for violations,
before turning to more det ailed treatment of the analytical framework
applicable to collaborative activities involving competitors. Subsequent
chapters provide in-depth discussion of topics and problems that are
routinely encountered by practiti oners counseling trade associations,
including membership crite ria and expul sion, information collection and
dissemination, industry codes of ethics, st andards development, and joint
petitioning of the government. T his Handbook should be an invaluable
single-volume resource for those advising trade associations.
The Handbook was drafted under the auspices of the Trade, Sports
& Professional Associations Committee, whose leadership and steady
support brought it to fruition. The Section of Antitr ust Law expresses its
particular gratitude to the co-editors Christopher J. MacAvoy and Saul P.
Morgenstern, and to their team of contributing authors, who devoted
long hours of painstaking effort and who are identified in the Preface.
We are grateful as well to the Books and Treatises Committee for their
editorial expertise and guidance throughout the drafti ng process.
February 2009 James A. Wilson
Chair, Section of Antitrust Law
American Bar Association

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