AuthorNanda, Ved P.
PositionDenver Journal of International Law & Policy

When Sarah Brusseau, the Editor-in-Chief of the Denver Journal of International Law & Policy, graciously invited me to write a foreword for Volume 50, I felt that this milestone calls for celebration! At the outset I want to pay tribute to the editors and staff of the Journal who have given their time, energy, skills, and dedication, to build its current status as one of America's oldest and widely regarded international law journals.

The Journal is deservedly proud of its rich history, but it's worth recalling that it almost didn't get off the ground. While several students in my international law classes and in the International Law Society at the University of Denver College of Law had been expressing their desire since 1968 to start a journal, I needed to be sure there was enough student interest to sustain it. Jonathan Cox, Britt Anderson, and Harley Shaver especially championed the idea and finally in the Spring of 1970 I went to Dean Robert Yegge to talk it over. Although he was very supportive, he regretted that the school's budget lacked adequate resources to fund a second journal. Later the same day I had an appointment for lunch with my friend Ed Goodin, a very successful businessman who chaired the United Nations Association of Colorado, on whose board of directors I sat. In the course of our conversation about the UNA, his business, and the law school, I mentioned my dilemma--that I was thrilled at the students' enthusiasm to start a publication in international law, but we were stymied by the lack of funds. With a smile and without any hesitation, Ed opened his checkbook and gave me a signed blank check, saying, "Whatever it takes, it's all yours." His generosity and his faith in us led to the birth of the Journal.

Now, about the Journal's name--at Yale, I was immensely privileged to have Professors Myres McDougal and Harold Lasswell as my teachers. They were trailblazers, known for launching the "New Haven School" of International Law, which focused on law, science, and policy. In their honor, I named our publication the Denver Journal of International Law & Policy. Shortly after starting the Journal, we established the annual Myres McDougal Distinguished Lecture in International Law, publishing the honorees' papers in the Journal, with Professor McDougal writing for the very first issue. I remain eternally grateful to my colleagues on the College of Law faculty and deans for being always supportive.

Over the years, we have...

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