By its resolution 1814 (XVII) of 18 December 1962, the General As sembly requested
the Secretar y-General to publish a Juridical Yearbook which would include certa in docu-
mentary materials of a legal character concerning the United Nations and related inter-
governmental organizations, and by its resolution 3006 (XXVII) of 18 December 1972,
the General Assembly made certain changes in the outline of the Yearbook. e present
volume, which is the iet h of the series, has been prepared by the Codi cation Division
of the Oce of Legal A airs.
Chapters I and II contain selec ted legislative texts and treaties, or provisions t hereof,
concerning the legal st atus of the United Nations and related intergovernmental organiz a-
Chapter III contains a general rev iew of the legal activities of t he United Nations and
related intergovernmental organiz ations, based on information provided by each organi-
Chapter IV contains selecte d treaties concerning international law concluded under
the auspices of the organizations concerned during the year in question, whether or not
they entered into force in that year in v iew of the sometimes considerable time lag between
the conclusion of the treaties and t heir entry into force.
Chapter V contains selected decisions of administrat ive tribunals of the United
Nations and related intergovernmental organi zations.
Chapter VI reproduces selected legal opinions of t he United Nations and related inter-
governmental organizat ions.
Chapter VII includes a list of judgments, advisory opinions and selected decisions
rendered by international tribuna ls in 2012.
Chapter VIII contains decisions given in 2012 by national tribunals relating to the
legal statu s of the various organ izations.
Finally, the bibliography, which is prepared under the responsibility of the Oce of
Legal Aai rs by the Dag Hammarskjöld Librar y, lists works and articles of a legal cha racter
relating to the work of the United Nations and related intergovernmenta l organizations.
Several documents published i n the Juridical Yearbook were supplied by the organi-
zations or Governments concerned at the request of the Secretariat. Treaty provisions,
legislative texts a nd judicial decisions may have been subject to minor editing by the Sec-

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