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Each year, the Stanford Law Review is faced with the task of deciding what to highlight in our annual symposium issue. We try, as much as possible, to select topics that resonate--with contemporary legal and political debates, with history and notable anniversaries, or with doctrinal debates we see brewing on the horizon. It is a real pleasure when we are able to select a topic that checks one or more of these boxes, and that also resonates personally.

Celebrating Professor Richard Craswell is one such topic. It allows us not only to pay homage to the tremendous academic contributions Professor Craswell has made in a number of areas of law, but also to celebrate the remarkable contributions that he has made to those who know him in the Stanford community. He has been a valued colleague, professor, and mentor to the faculty and students here since 1998. Indeed, many of the editors of this Volume were privileged to have Professor Craswell as their first-year contracts professor. In the proud tradition of dedicating particular symposiums to notable members of our Stanford community, (1) we are very pleased to publish this festschrift in honor of Professor Craswell.

The articles in this symposium were initially presented on campus during a two-day conference on February 6 and 7, 2015, titled "Who Knows?: Law in an Information Society." In addition to the authors of the articles printed here, Matthew L. Spitzer and Richard R.W. Brooks generously gave engaging presentations to the conference on their current works. Many thanks as well to the exceptional group of scholars who participated as discussants in the proceedings: Oren Bar-Gill, Ryan Calo, Zev Eigen, Victor P. Goldberg, Avery W. Katz, Gregory Keating, Mark G. Kelman, Lewis A. Komhauser, Yair Listokin, Ariel Porat, Margaret Jane Radin, Robert E. Scott, Seana Shiffrin, Eric L. Talley, and Lauren E. Willis.

The conference would not have been possible without the time and effort of many other individuals who deserve recognition--in particular, Alison D. Morantz, Barbara Fried, and Michelle Pualuan. Additional thanks must go out to the speakers at our evening gala in celebration of Professor Craswell's personal and professional contributions: George Triantis, Margaret Jane Radin, Alison D. Morantz, former dean Larry Kramer, and Dean Mary Elizabeth Magill. Finally, we are very grateful for the logistical support of Jillian Del Pozo and for financial support from Stanford Law School as well as...

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