Author:Andersen, Elizabeth

It is a great pleasure to work each year with our Annual Meeting Co-Chairs and the dedicated members of their program committee, to capture the current moment in our collective international law discussion and shoehorn all of those issues, ideas, voices, and perspectives into a single three-day program. A critical first step is picking the Annual Meeting theme, and this year's Co-Chairs quickly fixed on a daring theme--"Complexity"--as the idea of the moment. In doing so, they were not afraid to confront the seemingly intractable and multi-faceted challenges of our time, nor did they pretend that international law has all of the answers. They invited a broad spectrum of perspectives and expertise to the conversation, and they actively solicited conflict, questions, and conundrums. The result was a fabulous meeting, from the opening challenges presented by Grotius Lecturer ICRC President Jakob Kellenberger, to the closing discussion of the complex and precarious status of indigenous peoples, and with much in between. The meeting was notable for new formats and technological innovation, in the form of the ASIL IDEAS sessions, President David Caron's evocative opening slide show of images of complexity, and the first-ever Annual Meeting blog, ASIL Cables. It also included more familiar features, such as crowded book exhibits, heated coffee-bar debate, and reunion receptions, this year adding a "Hague Alumni" reception for that expansive category of our colleagues who have done professional time in The Hague.

The Society, meeting attendees, and Proceedings readers owe a debt of gratitude to Professors Harlan Cohen, Chiara Giorgetti, and Cymie Payne, whose tireless commitment and creativity was...

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