Foreign inmates.

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As of June 30, 2011, the reporting 46 jurisdictions held 77,704 foreign inmates in custody. It must be noted that the Federal Bureau of Prisons, which did not respond to the survey, indicated on its website that as of March 30, 2013, more than 26 percent of its inmates held foreign citizenship, so nearly 56,000 additional foreign nationals should be added to the figures. (1) Of the 46 corrections systems reporting the number of foreign inmates housed in their systems, 27 had seen an increase in the number since 2005. North Dakota had the fewest number of foreign inmates, while Texas and California had a significantly higher number than all other correctional systems. The number of foreign inmates in Rhode Island (271) represents both those awaiting trial and sentenced offenders--since the state operates a unified prison system and the information is self-reported by the offender upon initial intake. In Texas, in addition to having 12,776 foreign inmates in its system, there were 7,692 offenders who were determined to be illegal aliens by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The average cost per Inmate per day from the 45 responding correction systems was $74.40. Alaska. California. Massachusetts. Rhode Island. Vermont and Wyoming reported daily costs of more than $100 per inmate, per day. Louisiana had the lowest cost per inmate at only $38.47 per day. The daily cost of foreign inmates was the same as for U.S. inmates in 37 of the correction systems, while Missouri stated that the cost of foreign inmates was less.

Mexico was reported as the most common home country for foreign inmates in 32 of the correctional systems. Cuba. El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras were the most common home countries after Mexico. The home country of Greece was only represented in Mississippi's top-12 most-represented countries with one inmate, and the U.K. was only represented in Texas with eight inmates. China was also only represented in South Carolina's top 12 with five inmates.

All 46 of the respondents indicated that drug offenses were prevalent among the crimes committed by foreign Inmates. Unusual crimes that were reported included cock fights in Oregon and intimidation of a court witness/juror in Massachusetts. Other crimes that were common among the majority of the correctional systems were murder, assault, robbery and sex crimes.

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