Foreign incarcerated inmates table 3-language barriers/accommodations.


FOREIGN INCARCERATED INMATES TABLE 3-LANGUAGE BARRIERS/ACCOMMODATIONS SYSTEM LANGUAGE ESL (English Number of Number BARRIERS as a Second Facilities Currently Language) Offering ESL Enrolled Offered Classes ALABAMA No No N/A ALASKA Not Yes Not provided Not provided provided ARIZONA No No N A N/A ARKANSAS No Yes 12 120, approx. CALIFORNIA No No (1) N/A N/A COLORADO Yes Yes 23 57 CONNECTICUT No Yes 10 88 DELAWARE No Yes 5 Not provided FLORIDA No No N A N/A GEORGIA No Yes 2 35 HAWAII No Yes 8 3 IDAHO Yes Yes 1 48 (ABE students) ILLINOIS No response INDIANA Yes No N/A N/A IOWA Yes Yes 3 17 KANSAS No response KENTUCKY No Yes 4 13 LOUISIANA No No N/A N/A MAINE No Yes 1 None MARYLAND No (3) Yes 3 34 MASSACHUSETTS Yes Yes 15 358 (plus 254 wait-listed) MICHIGAN Yes Yes 16 41 MINNESOTA No Yes 9 113 MISSISSIPPI No No N/A N/A MISSOURI No Yes 14 70 approx. MONTANA Yes No N/A N/A NEBRASKA No Yes 5 39 NEVADA No No N/A N/A NEW HAMPSHIRE Yes Yes 1 10 NEW JERSEY No Yes 7 120 NEW MEXICO No response NEW YORK No Yes 44 805 NORTH CAROLINA No Yes 19 248 NORTH DAKOTA No No N/A N/A OHIO No No N/A N/A OKLAHOMA No No N/A N/A OREGON Yes (4) Yes 5 280 PENNSYLVANIA No Yes 12 302 RHODE ISLAND Not Yes 6 36 provided SOUTH CAROLINA Yes No N/A N/A SOUTH DAKOTA No No N/A N/A TENNESSEE No No N/A N/A TEXAS Not Yes 16 331 provided UTAH Yes No N/A N/A VERMONT Not N A N/A VIRGINIA No Yes Not provided Not provided WASHINGTON No Yes 9 98 WEST VIRGINIA No No N/A N/A WISCONSIN No response WYOMING Yes 15 SYSTEM Bilingual Staff COMMENTS Specifically Recruited ALABAMA No An interpreter has been used in a very few cases if necessary. ALASKA No ARIZONA No ARKANSAS No CALIFORNIA No Additional compensation is provided for certified bilingual staff if required to utilize their bilingual skills. COLORADO No CONNECTICUT No (2) DELAWARE No Interpreters available for medical and counseling cases FLORIDA No GEORGIA No Incentives paid for Spanish interpreter if used at a facility HAWAII No Wide range of bilingual staff already in place IDAHO No Language barrier experiences for those from Asia. Africa and the Middle East ILLINOIS INDIANA No Language barrier experiences for those with less common Spanish dialects or other languages IOWA Yes Recruit for Spanish bilingual staff KANSAS KENTUCKY No LOUISIANA No Spanish rulebook and orientation...

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