For what risks is Latin America least prepared?

Position:THE SCENE - Brief article

The World Economic Forum recently revealed an opinion poll of the risk perceptions of executives, The Executive Opinion Survey for 2015. From the detailed categorization, the survey revealed that Latin Americans feel least prepared to confront social instability, failures in urban planning and geopolitical problems.

Worldwide risks identified are associated with:

Interaction between geopolitics and the economy:

* Tensions In East Asia

* The accelerated regional integration in Southeast Asia

* Increase in the number of trade agreements throughout the world

* The oil and gas revolution in the United States

* Turbulence in the Middle East and the Ukraine

* The mechanisms for integrating Latin America with the world

* The insertion of China as a world leader

* Acts of terrorism and violence that are redrawing frontiers Urbanization in developing countries:

* The accelerated, but poorly planned...

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