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Position:Geronimo Gutierrez and Alex Hinojosa - Interview

The North American Development Bank and its sister institution, the Border Environmental Cooperation Commission were formed in a joint effort by the governments of Mexico and the U.S.

Geronimo Gutierrez, the bank's Managing Director and Alex Hinojosa, its Deputy Managing Director, spoke with Latino Leaders about their work and the importance of funding environmental programs along the border.

How did you get involved with the North American Development Bank?

Geronimo Gutierrez: As Undersecretary for North American Affairs, from 2003 to 2006,1 was a member of NADB's Board of Directors. In 2010, the Mexican Government proposed that I become NADB's Managing Director, a decision that was later ratified by the Board of Directors, comprised of representatives from U.S. and Mexican cabinets.

Alex Hinojosa: I first became involved with NADB as a founding faculty member of its Utility Management Institute (UMI) in 1998. In 2010, the NADB Board initiated an open and competitive search process for the position of Deputy Managing Director. I responded, went through the interview process and was selected.

How can a bank help the environment?

Just over 20 years ago, U.S. and Mexican leaders took on the task of creating, for the first time, a free trade agreement between a developing and a developed country (NAFTA). One of the many challenges was addressing shared concerns about the environment in the border region and the lags in infrastructure in sectors such as water and solid waste management With this in mind, the two governments created...

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