A is for Alice.

Position:Book review

George A. Walker (author); A IS FOR ALICE; Porcupine's Quill, Porcupine's Quill (Art) $12.95 ISBN: 9780889843233

Alice in Wonderland has inspired the imaginations of generations of readers, writers, and artists the world over. In A Is for Alice, the visceral merriment and eccentricity at play in Lewis Carroll's original masterwork shine brightly. Via twenty-six of his intricate wood engravings on the subject (which number close to an amazing two hundred), expert book-maker and printer George A. Walker offers a glimpse of some of the most memorable moments and characters of Wonderland fame.

The book's release is a mere three months before the highly anticipated blockbuster return to Wonderland; while this may be fortuitous timing, A Is for Alice is strikingly different from Tim Burton's prismatic feature. Walker's Wonderland is captured in bold slashes--stark, physical renderings of movement and emotion in solid wood. Each image offered here provides evidence of its creation; there is a reminder, with each turn of the page, of the hand and thought that guided each groove. Walker's ability to impress such great detail (as in the grain of both the fur of the Cheshire Cat, and the branch upon which he is perched) in a print made with woodblocks is remarkable, and is a testament to the...

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