Food Safety and Protection Education.

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After attending these sessions, you will be able to:

* institute new, cutting-edge training techniques in food safety education for food inspectors and workers

* analyze innovative food safety programs

* assess the effectiveness of a food safety program

* understand the impact the widespread power outage of 2003 had on food safety and sanitation

* identify current challenges affecting both industry and regulatory agencies, and the resources available to deal with those challenges

* describe the components of a cruise ship food protection and sanitation program

Food Safety and Protection EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM

Sunday, May 9


Toronto's Food Safety Disclosure Program

Ron de Burger, Director of Healthy Environments. Toronto Public Health, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Distance Learning for Foodborne Disease Outbreak Investigation Training

Jeanette K. Stehr-Green, M.D., Medical Epidemiologist, Public Health Foundation, Port Angeles, WA: and Nancy Gathany, M.Ed., Instructional Designer, Public Health Practice Program Office, CDC, Atlanta, GA


Farm Food Safety--An Often Overlooked Step in Assuring a Safe Food Supply

Gary E. Coleman, R.S., R.E.H.S., D.A.A.S., C.F.S.P., Food Safety Program Manager, Underwriters Laboratories Inc., Research Triangle Park, NC


Office of Regulatory Affairs-University (ORA-U): FDA's Innovative Blended Learning Program for Regulators

Jim Fear, Manager, State Training, Division of Human Resource Development @ ORA-U, FDA, Rockville, MD

Monday, May 10


Current Trends in Food Safety Manager Certification and Training

Julie A. Munoz, Business Manager, NEHA Training LLC, NEHA, Denver, CO


Comparing Trends in the Occurrence of Foodborne Illness Risk Factors in Nine Retail Food Facility Types (1998-2003)

John A. Marcello, R.E.H.S., Regional Retail Food Specialist, FDA, Phoenix, AZ


Panel Discussion: Impact of the FDA Foodborne Illness Risk Factor Study on Regulatory and Industry Retail Food Protection Programs

Panelists: Timothy Weigner, Food Marketing Institute, Washington, DC; David Ludwig, Maricopa County Environmental Services, Phoenix, AZ; and Chris Tofteberg, Department of Health and Human Services, Anchorage, AK Moderator: John A. Marcello

Tuesday, May 11


NACCHO's LPHA Food Safety Demonstration Project

Rebecca E. Shapack, M.P.H., Program Manager, NACCHO, Washington, DC


Clean Hands Coalition


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