Follow the Leader.

Author:Woodward, Randy

Follow the Leader, Video, 2006, LearnCom Inc., $695.

Support: trainer's guide, participant workbook, PowerPoint slides.

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The producer of Follow the Leader put a lot of effort into creating a balanced leadership program blending video, classroom discussion, and written materials. Unfortunately, some of their choices cause this product to fall alarmingly short of the mark.

Nothing wrong with the package

Follow the Leader consists of a DVD containing the main program video and a CD containing a PowerPoint presentation and PDF files of a trainer's guide and participant workbook. The video concept is to follow around three diverse yet similar leaders, seeking their input on the leadership traits of vision, communication, love, passion, integrity, and realism. An onscreen host interjects key learning points, leaving the trainer to ask debriefing questions from the PowerPoint slides. The program is supposed to take either three or four hours to present--there's disagreement over that between the program box and the trainer's guide.

The package does not list technical requirements and no documentation was provided. The package I received required a Windows-based computer with CD drive, PowerPoint or a PowerPoint reader, a printer for producing the trainer's and participant's materials, and a DVD player for the video. I run a Windows XP system and Office 2002 (Office XP) and everything worked fine.

Guaranteed obsolescence

The concept of including reproducible materials and a PowerPoint slideshow allowing the facilitator to augment the video is a good one. I felt the workbook and slideshow were adequately produced, with moderate visual interest.

The video, however, is another story completely. I feel the video is overproduced and most certainly aimed at a Generation Y audience. It consists of a bombastic host introducing commentary by the program's three model leaders, then screaming back at you what the leader has just said, accompanied by...

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