La Follette Progressive Republican Platform.

We believe with Abraham Lincoln that the Declaration of Independence is "the sheet-anchor of American Republicanism," that our party's true creed is best expressed by the language of the Declaration "that all men are created equal;" and that parties as well as governments are instituted among men to insure "a full, free, satisfying life to every child of man."

Agriculture: The plight of agriculture today is not solely the concern of the farmer and his family. It is fraught with peril to every class of our people, in the cities as on the farms. It menaces the stability of our economic, social, and political life. Its causes, therefore, must be faced with candor and dealt with by means suited to a great national emergency.

Conservation: The progressives stand for the conservation of our national resources for the benefit of all the people, and not of any special class or interest.

World peace and foreign affairs: We are opposed to the landing of armed forces on foreign soil, without the consent of Congress, as a violation of the Constitution, and as destructive of the very principle of equality among nations upon which our own security rests. We favor firm...

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