A new relationship between EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) and Infoestrategica Latina is designed to ensure that libraries adopting the FOLIO Library Services Platform (LSP) will be able to rely on hosting and services support. The agreement secures Infoestrategica's pledge to provide FOLIO application and support services backed by EBSCO hosting technology and data services.

Infoestrategica Latina, located in Mexico City and Bogota, is one of the biggest general library service vendors in Latin America. Infoestrategica Latina CEO, Jose Luis Ascarraga Rossete, says that Infoestrategica Latina will work closely with EBSCO to provide support for their Latin American libraries using FOLIO as their library services platform. The addition of open source services is important for libraries looking to save money and leverage the latest technology via the FOLIO Library Services Platform to provide more than traditional ILS functionality. Working with EBSCO to implement FOLIO in libraries will create a focus on service and customer support.

EBSCO has supported FOLIO with funding, developers and project management as well as provided funding for Koha open source development. EBSCO will be providing hosting services and advanced software support as well as a complement of data integration services for libraries adopting the FOLIO LSP.

EBSCO Vice President of Services Product Management Ron Burns says these agreements give EBSCO the opportunity to create a high level of customer service standards. It's important that service providers like EBSCO and Infoestrategica Latina work together on local support structures for Latin America libraries looking to implement FOLIO. Many libraries need strong partners to take full advantage of modern open source benefits."

Infoestrategica Latina and EBSCO will be working together and with the FOLIO community to support the first libraries going live with FOLIO in 2019.

Since being announced in June 2016, FOLIO has formed a community and librarians and developers have joined special interest groups that are actively creating an open source LSP that supports traditional resource management functionality that can be extended into emerging areas...

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