Focus on Future, 0821 RIBJ, RIBJ, 70 RI Bar J., No. 1, Pg. 23

AuthorNicole P. Dyszlewski, Esq., MLIS and Meghan L. Hopkins, Esq.
PositionVol. 70 1 Pg. 23


Vol. 70 No. 1 Pg. 23

Rhode Island Bar Journal

August, 2021

July, 2021

An Interview with Emily Heisler, Esq.

Nicole P. Dyszlewski, Esq., MLIS and Meghan L. Hopkins, Esq.

Focus on the Future is a spotlight series where members of the Rhode Island Bar Journal Editorial Board interview attorneys who are newer to the Rhode Island Bar.

> What is your current title and position?

I am an associate attorney at Mancini Law LLC. My practice engages exclusively in Workers' Compensation Law, representing employers. Before starting my current position, I clerked for the Rhode Island Workers' Compensation Court.

> What do you actually do all day?

I am always busy. For a small office, we have a lot of clients. I spend my workdays reviewing medical records, deposing doctors and employees, conducting legal research, and attending hearings. This morning, I had 3 pre-trial conferences, although all were via telephone because of COVID-19. However, we look forward to returning to the courtroom in person again, hopefully soon.

> Can you tell us what you have learned while being a new attorney in Rhode Island?

I have had a wonderful experience. As a law student, I interned at the Rhode Island Attorney General's office three times and knew almost nothing about the Workers' Compensation Court. When I began my clerkship with that Court, I was blown away by the differences in litigation practice among the different courts in Rhode Island. I have the pleasure of working in an area which has a small bar and is so collegial. Someone once described the Workers' Compensation bar to me as "Rhode Island's hidden legal gem," and it really is.

> Who is your biggest inspiration inside or outside of law?

My inspiration comes from both of my parents. My dad exemplifies kindness, decency, and intelligence. My mom is an example of courage, leadership, and independence. Together they inspire my strong work ethic and have given me the support to pursue a career I am passionate about.

> What do you do to de-stress?

I spend time with my boyfriend, who is also a new attorney. We have a dog, Lumi, who we rescued. Her name means snow in Finnish. We enjoy hiking and exploring all the beautiful scenery in Rhode Island - especially the water views. I also just got a Peloton and am enjoying the convenience of it after a busy workday.

> What is the next goal you hope to accomplish in your career?

I would like to develop my reputation as both...

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