Flying off the shelves.




  1. Gotham Diaries/Tonya Lewis Lee end Crystal McCrary Anthony (NEW) ($21.95, Hyperion Books, ISBN 1-401-30119-3) A savvy, witty and intriguing expose of the upper echelons of New York's African American society, by two authors who should know.

  2. Too Much of A Good Thing/Kimberla Lawson Roby (2) ($23.95, William Morrow, ISBN 0-060-56849-6) In Roby's sixth book, Curtis Black, charismatic pastor who previously wreaked havco in Casting the First Stone, is now diverted and returns to the pulpit.

  3. Bling/Erica Kennedy (NEW) ($24.95, Miramax Books, ISBN 1-401-35215-4) In her debut novel Bling, Erica Kennedy exposes the dark underside of the hip-hop recording industry in the same way The Nanny Diaries outed the Park Avenue elite.

  4. Nervous/ Zane (1) ($24., Atria Books, ISBN 0-743-45705-6) An alternate personality wresks havco for the normally shy Jonquinette Peirce, who seeks help from the pschiatrist introduced in Zane's novel Addicted.

  5. Player Haters/ Carl Weber (3) ($24., Dafina Books/Kensington Publishing, ISBN 1-575-66909-9) Weber's fourth book is a nonstop mix of jealousy and wickedness featuring Wil Duncan and his "scandalous" brother Trent.


  6. On the Down Low/ J.L. King(2) ($21.95, Broadway Books, ISBN 0-767-91398-1) Author and activist J.L. King's intriguing look at the lives and lifestyles of black men who sleep with other men but do not consider themselves to be gay.

  7. Mercy, Mercy Me/ Michael Eric Dyson (NEW) ($23.95, Basic Civitas Books, ISBN 0-465-01769-X) Dyson, a leading figure in black studies who is as comfortable discussing Tupac as Malcolm and Martin, offers a "biocriticism" that reflects on the themes of Marvin Gaye's music and personal life.

  8. My Life/ Bill Clinton (1) ($35., Alfred A. Knopf, ISBN 0-375-41457-6) A strikingly candid portrait of this beloved past president.

  9. Purpose Driven Life/ Rick Warren (3) ($19.99, Zondervan Publishing, ISBN 0-310-20571-9) A California-based Southern Baptist preacher guides readers through a 40-day campaign to align with God's purposes.

  10. He-Motions/Bishop T.D. Jakes ($19.95, Putnam, ISBN 0-399-15196-6) The Dallas-based preacher turns his attention to "a man's relationships," using the many-sided King David as his starting point.



  11. Lemon City/Elaine Brown (NEW) ($12.95, One Work/Strives Row, ISBN 0-812-97033-0 The saga of the Dunlop family set in Lemon City, an isolated town in the foothills of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains, settled by freed...

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