Flying off the shelves.




  1. Changing Faces/ Kimberta Lawson Roby (New)

    ($24.95, William Morrow, ISBN 04360-78077-0) A chick lit novel on the friendship, love lives and tribulations of three women by a popular author.

  2. Baby Brother's Blues: A Novel/Pearl Cleage (New) ($23.95, One World/Ballantine, ISBN 0-345-48110-0

    This veteran writer of consistently good and commercially successful literary fiction follows on the life of Wesley "Baby Brother" Jamerson, a soldier on leave from duty in Iraq for his mother's funeral.

  3. So You Call Yourself a Man/Carl Weber (3)

    ($24, Dafina Books, ISBN 0-758-20718-2) A tale of three best friends who've grown from boys to men together.

  4. The Interruption of Everything/ Terry McMillan (1) ($25.95, Viking, I.SBN 0-670433144-5)

    McMillen's sixth novel is a tale of midlife crisis told in the witty, honest and inspiring style we've come to expect from this seasoned storyteller.

  5. Freshwater Road/Denise Nicholas (New) ($23.95, Agate, ISBN 1-932-84110-5)

    A familiar actress (from Room 222; In the Heat of the Night) delivers a first novel that follows a young woman's journey to Mississippi in one of the hottest seasons of the Civil Rights Movement, the summer of 1964.


  6. Come Hell or High Water. Hurricane Katrina and the Color of Disaster/Michael Eric Dyson (4) ($23, Basic Civitas Books, ISBN 0-465-01761-4)

    Displaying the intellectual rigor, political passion and personal empathy that have won him fans across the color line, Michael Eric Dyson offers a searing assessment of the meaning of Hurricane Katrina.

  7. Confessions of a Video Vixen/Karrine Steffans and Karen Hunter (1)

    ($24.95, Amistad/HarperOollins, ISBN 04360-84242-3) The memoir of a sexy siren who appeared in the music videos of many muitiplatinum hip-hop artists.

  8. Life Is Not a Fairy Tale/Fantasia Barrino (2)

    ($21.95, Fireside Books, ISBN 0-743-28156-X) American Idol winner Fantasia talks about life in frank and powerful language in this memoir.

  9. A Piece of Cake: A Memoir/Cupcake Brown

    $24.95 (New) ($24.95, Crown, ISBN 1-400-05228-9) An attorney with a leading California firm and a motivational speaker shares her memoir of a difficult childhood.

  10. Mirror to America: The Autobiography of John Hope Franklin/John Hope Franklin (New)

    ($25, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, ISBN 0-374-29944-7 One of the leading authorities on black history, now in his nineties, shares his own pilgrimage through the 20th century.



  11. Candy Licker/ Noir (2)

    ($13.95, One...

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