New Florida task force to focus on ex-felons.

AuthorSt. Gerard, Vanessa
PositionState News - Brief Article

Noting that more than 26,000 felons will be released from prison this year, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush created a task force to find ways to eliminate barriers to ex-felons trying to reenter the community, reported the Miami Herald. The 11 members of the Governor's Ex-Offender Task Force will be appointed exclusively by the governor and be charged with, among other things, finding ways to offer employers greater confidence in hiring ex-offenders, reducing the number of inmates who return to prison and reducing the cost of imprisoning them to the state.

The creation of the task force came shortly after an announcement by Republican Sens. Alex Villalobos and Stephen Wise that they will pursue an amendment to Florida's Constitution to repeal the state's automatic ban on civil rights for ex-felons. Bush has not commented on the proposal, but has historically rejected the idea of restoring rights to felons...

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