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Flint Group is dedicated to serving the global printing and packaging industry with a product portfolio that spans flexographic plates and equipment, printing inks, digital printing presses, blankets, pressroom chemistry, printing sleeves and adapters, consumables and colorants. The company focuses exclusively on the printing industry and offers a combination of products that are unmatched by its competition. With experts in nearly all regions of the globe, Flint Group provides printing solutions that bring the company's slogan, "Rely on us. [SM]" to life.

Flint Group introduced the nyloflex[R] Xpress Thermal Processing System for flexographic printing plates. The new thermal equipment incorporates a smart design which utilizes a revolutionary infrared preheating system that precisely controls the plate temperature and eliminates the need for a chiller and a vapor handling system. The technology uses very low energy consumption - up to 88% less than competitive thermal systems. The clever design and technology incorporated in the nyloflex[R] Xpress Thermal Processor keeps maintenance to an absolute minimum with normal uptime of 99.7%. The distinctive characteristics of the processor provide unprecedented control and allow for more consistent and stable plate production encompassing "Thermal like you've never seen before."

New, improved, lightweight developer rolls used in the nyloflex[R] Xpress Thermal Processor are 30% less dense than the industry standard, making them easier for operators to handle, thus contribute to a safer work environment. The unique construction of the non-woven efficiently removes melted photopolymer during processing while resisting the impression of the nonwoven to provide smooth floors and an attractive aesthetic appearance.

A complete portfolio of nyloflex[R]...

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