FlightStats Chosen as Best Mobile Travel App in 2013 byA Business Traveler.


New York (AirGuide - Airline & Travel News) Mon, Feb 17, 2014 - FlightStats, Inc. the industry-leading publisher of global day-of-travel data services and applications, is pleased to announce that FlightStats has been chosen by Business Traveler readers as the Best Mobile Travel App in the category of Best Traveler Tools and Productivity Boosters. FlightStats mobile apps provide quick access to flight, airport and airline status, for business and leisure travelers. The applications provide global coverage and are the most feature-rich free mobile travel apps on the market: Worldwide flight status by flight number, airport or route

Essential information like departure/arrival times, airport delays, gate assignment and local weather Flight tracking on zoomable maps

Flight timelines listing all status updates FlightStats offers a mobile website (, an Android App (Traveler by FlightStats) and iPad App (AirportZoom) and a just released iPhone App, FlightStats. aAs business and leisure travel has grown so too have the problems associated with air travel. This coupled with the fact that there are few empty seats available means travelers need to be well informed about delays, cancellations and other critical airport information,a said FlightStats President and co-founder, Jeff Kennedy. aAt FlightStats we strive to provide the best and most timely day-of-travel information to help travelers and those tracking travelers well informed.a For 24 years Business Traveler readers have voiced their preferences for the top products and services from the entire spectrum of travel based on their own experiences. The 2013 Best...

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