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In the competitive environment of the label and package printing industry, printers and converters need to take advantage of every opportunity or tool that will help them gain a cost effective edge over their competition. Most companies turn to Flexo Wash because they want to eliminate waste and reduce downtime.

Flexo Wash technology helps our customers print better. Our products will extend the life of your anilox rolls, gravure cylinders, plates, plate sleeves, press parts, rotary screens, etc., and shorten the make-ready down time between job runs.The smart printers know that their prospects and customers have forced them to lower prices and shorten job runs.They want their inventories at a minimum. These demands have created a dramatic increase in job changeovers, increased inventories or both for converters.

The Flexo Wash systems and processes are astonishingly fast, completely safe for the employees, environment, and harmless to the integrity of the parts being washed.


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